ISEW4U does not sell nor give away any files, created or digitized, for any reason.  The price you pay is for the time it takes us to create your design, not the design itself.


DOG BREEDS- The cost to digitize a picture of your dog is $175 to create and $75 to embroider on the first item.  The cost for embroidery typically goes down to $30 - $35 after the initial item.  (The first item is higher in price because of the stitching process to ensure color correctness and detail.  We normally do 2-3 stitchouts to get the colors correct.) 

CARS - The cost to digitize a car is $150.00 and to stitch it out on the first item is $50.00.  Cars are very stitch intensive and there are a lot of color/thread changes.

We can also digitize your logo.  I will have to look at your logo to give you a price.

Once your car, logo or dog is digitized, we keep it on file and we can embroider it on most any item.  We can size the embroidery depending on the location on the garment, whether it is the left chest, about 3.125" wide (depends on jacket size), or the back, 8" to 9" wide.  Naturally on the back the cost of embroidery will be higher.

We also must have your permission to add your car or dog to our library so we can embroider it for others.  Digitizing a dog takes approximately 12 hours to create the design and then another couple of hours stitching to get the colors correct.

Your logo will not be shared with others.

Digitizing involves taking your JPG (or other file) and turning it into an embroidery file with stitches. We can take your custom logo or design, a picture of your dog, digitize it, then embroider it on a shirt, hat, jacket or other item.

What is the Cost?

Custom Digitizing