The National Beagle Club of America store is open for business .  Check out what is available, hoodies, chairs, shirts, jackets, etc with your NBC 2016 Specialty Logo and your kennel name customized just for you.  Some items are available with the NBC rabbit logo.  Jackets and hats will be available shortly.

​​The Miniature American Shepherd store is now open.  Check out what is available, hoodies, chairs, shirts, jackets, etc with either of the above logos.  Your kennel name can be added to your item.  

Items can be ordered and picked up at the show in St. Louis.  We can also mail your items to you, however they will not arrive until after the show. 

I got the chair back today......LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much!
It was great seeing you both again, I am thinking of having you digitize another (head shot) of Chip for me.
Again, thank you so much.....I am THRILLED and can't wait to go to a dog show, Obedience trial or Coursing event and have it out where everyone can see it!!!!
Love to you both,

Check out our show calendar to see where we will be next.

​​National Beagle Club of America

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Mini American Shepherd Club of the USA

Ship it or pick it up?

Live upstate in South Carolina? We might be able to save you the cost of shipping! If you are in the Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson areas, we can arrange for pick-up of your items, or, we'll meet you with your order at a future dog show or festival.

Market Totes

Here are some designs Missy has done in the past few weeks!

Charles River Rain Jackets

What have we been up to lately?

Some Examples

Family Reunion?

What cook would not want a new apron for the family reunion?  Here are a couple of examples we have created.  Let us know what your idea is!

Need something to spice up that family vacation?  Here is an idea.  Matching tee shirts!  We can embroider a vacation spot on your shirt, your names, date, etc.

Vacation Coming Up?